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About Us

Living Through Giving (LTG), a non-profit 501c3 was started in the summer of 2013 by Russell Groomer, the publisher and owner of Welcome Home Community Newspaper. Our focus is children and youth who may have experienced abuse, neglect, family disruption, or a range of other factors that jeopardize their safety, permanence, or well-being.

“Our mission is to bring hope to families in the San Antonio community by reaching out and touching the hearts of our future. Our intent is to provide children with hope and friendship while trying to ensure that they have the tools necessary to become the future. “

By protecting the hopes and dreams of children, it is Living Through Giving’s desire to allow children to see kindness and have hope during a time where both may be hard to find. Living through Giving strives to improve Bexar County’s response to our children in crisis by assisting and supporting the development, growth, and continuation of local children’s advocacy organizations. The core of our passion is the belief that when children become part of ‘the system’ they become our collective responsibility –our children – and deserve the same opportunities that youth from healthy families have.


We believe in the power of a collective voice to successfully effectuate systemic change that will impact the lives of children scarred by violence, poverty, and neglect.

Community Awareness

We believe that the eradication of child abuse from our society begins with building informed; empowered communities that stand ready to embrace this issue with courage, making it a top priority.


At the heart of our mission is a commitment to support the sustainability of local children’s advocacy organizations so that they may continue to help young victims rebuild their lives.

Many types’ children’s advocacy organizations and facilities help to protect and heal abused children. Children’s shelters give children emergency care when they’re removed from their homes. Some also provide treatment, family counseling, and life skills programs. Residential facilities provide treatment for abused children to help them overcome past trauma or serious emotional difficulties. Many organizations also may provide foster care and adoption services, as well a continuum of services to help youth transition to family or independent living settings. Organizations that help families and children in crisis depend on the financial support of the community. Your contributions are vital.

Partner With Us

At Living Through Giving, we are true believers in the tremendous power of collaboration, and we value relationships with the community, businesses, and organizations that share our passion for children. You too can get involved and join us on our mission to help more than 8 thousand children of Bexar County live safer, happier, and healthier lives. Your donations and support help children’s advocacy organizations in association with Living Through Giving to help provide volunteers and fund special activities and programs for their children to meet their unique needs and improve their quality of life. Funds also allow us to provide these organizations and facilities with everything from diapers, toys, books and back-to-school clothes, to holiday gifts, free afternoon activities and field-trips.

Your support makes a profound difference in the lives of abused, neglected, orphaned children in our city.

Who we are partnering with: